Algorithm vs Real-world technical challenges

Can you imagine technical tests specifically designed to help you make the best decisions when hiring a tech profile? That's what we at Rviewer have created for you.

We want to help you streamline your hiring process and that's why we've been analysing the pains and shortcomings of conventional technical tests for several years now. No more algorithmic knowledge tests - let's welcome Challenges focused on Real-world problems!

But... let's start from the beginning. What are the shortcomings of conventional technical tests and why are they worth improving?

Pains of conventional technical tests

As we review in this fun article with memes, there are many reasons why conventional technical tests are completely inefficient. The main one is that they are usually tests that seek to abstractly and generally measure a developer's knowledge of a particular programming language or framework.

But can that be useful when you are looking for a very specific profile, who is also able to work on the real problems your company faces? No, not at all.

Conventional technical tests are more like university exams than insight-oriented tests in a business context:

  • They are long and cumbersome, full of theoretical and abstract questions.
  • They tend to be far removed from the final purpose that the developer will have within the company.
  • As they are so complex, the evaluation criteria become diffused and it is difficult to know if we have before us the developer we need, or simply a developer with knowledge, but not the skills we are looking for.
  • Conventional technical tests do not include feedback or any kind of support from the companies, so developers tend to drop out before finishing them. There is no incentive to demonstrate one's skills.
  • They consume a lot of time and resources from your tech department, which is specialised in developing the solution for your company and not in evaluating potential candidates.

And that's where we come in: specialists in recruitment processes, with more than five years of experience behind us, and with a team of developers specifically trained to create useful technical tests, to correct them with passion and precision, and to offer you useful insights to help you make the best decision.

Multiple job opportunities.
One code challenge.

Get rid of repetitive hiring processes for all the positions you apply to, and access many job offers by taking a single real-world assessment.

Welcome to the world of real-world technical challenges

The first thing we did was to look for the best. Rviewer challenges are created by developers, our Tech Mentors, for developers.

Our Tech Mentors know both sides of the coin: they are specialists in programming, but they also have a great deal of experience in the business world (Microsoft, Google, Dynatrace, among others...) which has allowed them to design more efficient and useful tests for you.

With them, we wanted to pose a type of Challengepreciselyadjusted to the business context, useful to show the strengths and weaknesses of a developer who aspires to work on projects that will require a lot of practical sense, analytical skills and decision making. We have introduced many changes:

  • Our Challenges pose concrete challenges, oriented to Real-world problems that developers will later encounter in their work. For example, in our Spotlist API Challenge, created by the well-known Youtuber Bettatech to validate Javascript skills, the developer will have to create a fully functional app similar to Spotify.
  • Our Tech Mentors accompany the candidate throughout the Challenge process: first with a video kick off where the objectives and characteristics of the challenge are presented, and then with the resolution of the Challenge on video so that they can understand what they have done well and what they have not done.
  • The developer has the possibility to argue their work in a defence space, through text, audio or video, thus including more insights about the work they have done.
  • Once the developer's work has been corrected, we generate a complete and visual report that will help you to know the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate in different areas (Clean code, testing...).

In addition, you will be able to compare the performance of each candidate with all the developers who have already completed the Challenge.

Sign up on our platform and start using Rviewer

In essence, you will have many more references to decide whether you have the ideal candidate in front of you or not. And you will also be able to see them in action in case studies and learn how they deal with problems that could arise once they join your team.

We want companies to have as much relevant information about candidates as possible to build their future teams, giving them the opportunity to decide from deep within the code.

Much better than traditional tests, and also with a great saving of resources and time for you. Register on our platform and start inviting your candidates for assessment now!

Multi-apply: How to apply to many job opportunities with one single Challenge

We have managed to get most of the companies we collaborate with to adopt our Rviewer challenges in their validation process as an official test.

And here's the bomb: This allows us to offer you, at last, Multi-Apply: with a single technical challenge you will be able to access more than one job offer. Yes, you heard it right: MANY job opportunities by taking a SINGLE code challenge.

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