What do we do when a worker performs very well in their position? According to the Peter Principle, a promotion is not always the ideal next step.

The peter principle: all you have to know

We have launched a new Rviewer’s feature that will bring clarity and light to our technical tests for companies: a candidate skills report, in which multiple variables are analyzed to measure the candidate’s real level.

What parameters to choose to evaluate a candidate’s technical skills

Google’s Company culture was not created in a day, but is the effort of many years of good work and a lot of feedback. Then, let’s see 10 reasons why Google Company culture works.

Great examples of Google’s culture company

In this article you will find tips to improve the developer hiring process, and the establishment of a basis for its optimization.

Tips to improve technical hiring processes

In this article we will analyze the main inefficiencies of hiring processes with internalized technical tests.

The inefficiencies of current technical tests: Rviewer as an alternative

Keeping morale high in your company is a key factor in making things work. Discover here tips to make your employees more motivated.

How to improve your employee’s morale