After more than two years consolidating our platform for both devs and tech companies, we continue to improve the hiring processes. We want Rviewer to be the place where you can manage your job offers and candidates as conveniently and efficiently as possible. That’s why today we bring you a new feature: Discover.In addition to

Find High-quality candidates with RVIEWER DISCOVER

With our summer release you will be able to apply to TOP tech jobs with your Rviewer Portfolio

Apply to TOP tech jobs with your Rviewer Portfolio

Solve our technical challenges step by step with Tracks, and do it in many more programming languages thanks to the Skeletons!

Introducing Tracks, a new type of code challenges you can solve in a few steps

Solving coding challenges, especially when you have to do it for a job interview, can be daunting. After months of preparing for the interview, you only have less than an hour to solve a coding problem. To complete it successfully, you will need the confidence and the necessary skills. This is where we want to

We’ve updated our Rviewer Solutions section!

Our Discord channel is a place where we are going to engage with our dev community, help you solve coding challenges doubts, prepare for coding interviews, share our best job opportunities.

We’ve launched our official Rviewer Discord Server!

Discover the new public profile, where you can create your own portfolio of tech skills validated with tech report, ready to share with the companies you aspire to.

Introduction to the Public Profile: create your portfolio to share