Rviewer will take your coding school to the next level

Our Code Challenges have been improving the experience of companies and developers for some time now. With them we have improved the accuracy in measuring the tech skills of each candidate thanks to a complete report. And we continue to implement improvements throughout the process so that the information is clear, concise and useful, and the hiring process is accurate and fast.

But it doesn't stop there. Since their conception, our Rviewer Challenges have been designed to be useful far beyond the corporate world.

Today, we're going to talk about how Rviewer can improve and optimize student evaluation processes in a Coding School.

Measure the level of your students

If you are a coding school you will know what we are talking about when we refer to correcting technical tests and exercises done by developers. It is undoubtedly one of the most difficult and hardest tasks to carry out in a school, because:

It is difficult to define the evaluation criteria for your students in a clear and useful way for you and for them.
If you want to measure the level of the students you will have to invest a lot of time in the evaluation and correction processes.

But that's where we, Rviewer, come in: We offer you a comprehensive solution for evaluating your school's students, both those who are candidates for admission and those who have passed your courses.

And that's not all. We offer you a solution that will allow students to measure their skills against each other to incentivize them, while giving them a great user experience.

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Reach those candidates you can't reach. Know their technical skills beforehand. Focus only on the cultural fit with your team.

Advantages of Rviewer

You can use our Challenges to evaluate your students or applicants and get a complete analysis of each one that will bring value to both the school and the student.

  • Our Challenges have been created by industry Tech Mentors who have worked at places like Google or Microsoft, and are oriented to real-world problems: they are practical and interesting.
  • We have challenges in virtually every programming language and framework on the market.
  • Warm welcome, clear instructions, training/feedback - and there's another built-in video tool, too.
  • The student has the possibility to defend his code test with text, video or audio.
  • The coding school will receive a complete visual report of the skills, as well as comparative information with the average results of the Challenge, or the documents and defenses provided by the candidate.
  • And the best incentive of all: evaluated students will be eligible for job offers.

Incentivize your students with job offers

With Rviewer, learners will receive a complete visual report of their skills. But it doesn't stop there. If they are at a high level and they succeed, they can use that same challenge and that same report to apply for jobs in top-tier tech companies.

Our Challenges have been created to validate developer positions in this kind of companies and by implementing them in your coding school you will allow your best students to receive, as an added value, juicy job offers to start or improve their career.

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