Cool gifts for CEO and executives

Sometimes we need a gift for our boss. But it is difficult to figure it out what is the perfect present for a person who has it all. When it comes to CEOs and executives, really it is the gesture that counts. Let's see in this post some cool gifts to surprise your CEO.

We need to think outside the box rather than just shop. To come out with a cool gift that he or she will not overlook. For that, we need to observe what moves our boss and pick a gift aligned with their taste. So let’s think together.

A sophisticated CEO?

Go for a custom Leather Executive Laptop Briefcase. Stylish and classic, you could engrave it with your CEO’s name to make sure that they will never throw it way.

Or maybe you can go for a Chrono Classic Watch. Swiss made, to tell them that you have a great respect for their contribution and time. You may also engrave it with their name, initials or a customized message.

A spiritual CEO?

Then, a Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit would be an amazing gift. Since it is a really long-term project, it will ensure that you will always be remembered.

Or maybe you should go for a Tibetan Singing Bowl. That produces heavenly sounds, perfect to meditate and put the mind at ease. This could be a cool gift for your CEO.

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If your CEO is a geek…

What’s their favorite franchise? Star Wars? Then, it’s easy: go for a 3D Illusion Star Wars Light for their desk.

Or maybe an old-time classic like “The Sandman” comic book by Neil Gaiman will give you bonding points.

Is your CEO concerned about a healthy lifestyle?

Then, you may go for a useful present like a personalized gym bag. Functional and practical. This cool gift will be used for a long-long time to make your CEO’s life easier and healthier.

The same goes for our next proposal: a container for salad on the go. Stylish and sleek. It is a great way to have lunch without making a mess.

Is your CEO Ecofriendly?

Then you could go for a solar charger: recharging devices using the power of the sun reduces our carbon footprint and instantly make your boss an eco-trendsetter.

Or what about a Shea Butter Hand Cream Set? This moisturizing hand cream, in travel size bottles and six different fragrances is as organic and ecofriendly as it can get.

Is your CEO tech-friendly?

Then, new gadgets such as the AirPods Pro or the Apple Watch would be perfect, especially if he or she has already an Apple computer.

But if you know that your boss is a hard core gamer, you may impress them with a Nintendo Switch Lite to take a break at work. This could be another cool gift for your CEO.

Let’s say your boss is outdoorsy:

If he/she likes hiking, a trailhead leather 100-page notebook would be the perfect gift. Once full with their hiking notes and musings, you can be sure that your CEO is going to keep it forever, so your gesture will be surely memorable.

Or you may go for something practical, like a portable water purifier that will ensure that your boss drinks clean water anywhere—anytime.

Well… I don’t know

If you haven’t figuredout yet what kind of CEO  you have, don’t worry. There are some classic and safe gifts —ok, perhaps not so cool ones— that you can go for. For instance, a handwritten note or a homemade treat works every time to warm your CEO’s heart.

A surprise party is also a good idea, and you can team up with the rest of office to share the expenses and congratulate your CEO with a single but expensive gift.

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