With Rviewer you will know which developer you need

If there is one thing our clients tell us, it is that we always achieve the perfect match. When a company is looking for a candidate for a very specific job, it needs precision and clarity when it comes to knowing what skills each candidate has. This is what Rviewer's Challenge and its comprehensive technical reports offer.

No more wasting time on endless interviews. No more investing resources in hiring processes with candidates who don't have the right skills.

Rviewer can help you confidently screen your candidates and close positions with the confidence that you are hiring a developer who has demonstrated the skills and level you were looking for.

Challenges with clear technical reporting for the CTO

Our Code Challenges are created by leading Tech Mentors in the industry who have worked for companies like Google or Microsoft. They are also challenges that have a great user experience, according to the CTOs. Because they are oriented to real-world problems and are practical, and because they allow you to defend your work with added documents, audio or video files.

The result of these Challenges is a technical report showing the strengths and weaknesses of each developer for a type of programming language or framework. The appearance is clear and visual, and the developer's comments and the Rviewer team's considerations are added.

Most importantly, it is possible to compare the quality of the developer with the other developers who have completed the test before.

So, if you have an open position and several candidates to evaluate, by doing it through Rviewer you can get a clear view of each candidate's skills and deficiencies, and make the best hiring decision without consuming your team's time and resources.

Meet TOP developers

Rviewer is an end-to-end hiring platform that makes test skills screening easy. Manage your candidates and evaluate their skills in a clear and friendly way with our astonishing Tech Challenges.

Optimize the entire hiring process

Rviewer is a tool that aims to help you save costs and time when hiring the developer you need, with the precise skills evaluated and contrasted.

All you have to do is sign up and start inviting your candidates. We will send them the Challenges and accompany them throughout the evaluation process. You will only get the results to make the best decision.

To wrap up, companies that want to grow in a way that's fast, healthy and sane need to do a few things right:

  • Test developers on skills they will actually use
  • Get clear results that accurately reflect devs' skills
  • Give developers a superior end-to-end experience
  • Cut out efficiencies to onboard new hires fast & improve employees' careers

We're super confident that this fresh way of screening developers really is the future of tech hiring. Candidates love it. Companies need it. And we are delighted to offer it!

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