Developers’ pains when doing technical tests

The day has come, attention! After talking to many of you, devs, you have told us again and again and again about the same pains you have encountered when doing technical tests in recruitment processes.

And well, apart from working on it, we have nothing left to do but laugh about it 😏. Check out here 10 developers' pains when doing technical test.

1. Tests that have absolutely nothing to do with the position you are applying for, bravo. 🤯

2. Tests longer than the Lord of the Rings Saga (but not as good) 🤷‍♀️

3. Tests so specific and limited that they don't let you show your magic, great. 👏

Multiple job opportunities.
One code challenge.

Get rid of repetitive hiring processes for all the positions you apply to, and access many job offers by taking a single real-world assessment.

4. The evaluation criteria? They look like a state secret. 😬

5. Blatantly boring tests, not even done on purpose. 😑

6. Will the test creators read the test? 👍

7. Feedback on the test result - what's that? Doesn't ring a bell. 💁‍♂️

8. Tests that don't allow feedback. Gambling it all on the code is not fair 😅

9. Receiving a test and not knowing anything else about the company (hello darkness my old friend... 🎵)

10.  1 different test for each job you apply for. Worse than an escape room 🙃

That's are some of the reasons why the IT hiring process sucks!

Do you want to help us at Rviewer ? 🙃 

Check out here 10 reasons to prefer Rviewer challenges to conventional technical tests.

Multi-apply: How to apply to many job opportunities with one single Challenge

We have managed to get most of the companies we collaborate with to adopt our Rviewer challenges in their validation process as an official test.

And here's the bomb: This allows us to offer you, at last, Multi-Apply: with a single technical challenge you will be able to access more than one job offer. Yes, you heard it right: MANY job opportunities by taking a SINGLE code challenge.

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