Employee gift ideas: a list of recommendations

Whether it is for good performance, to commemorate an important date or to mark a moment of celebration in the year, our employees deserve to receive a gift from their managers.

This not only stimulates them because of the value of the present itself, but also makes them feel that they are recognized and are part of the company.

Gifts as part of corporate culture

As part of good corporate policy, each company should even consider a part of its spending budget to stimulate its workers with gifts.

There are many good gift shopping options that are not too expensive, but stand out for being really useful and personalized. These are the ones that raise morale the most, as they express gratitude and appreciation towards the work team.

Never forget, and even less in these times of pandemic, your staff members who work from home. These usually feel more isolated from social life than those who work in the office, so receiving a gift from the company is very rewarding.

If you want to make special and personalized gifts, planning is the key. If you first analyze the tastes of each employee and buy their gift in advance, you are sure to find the perfect present for each one.

A great way to find out if you've done a good job selecting the right gifts is to ask employees directly in an annual survey. As the valued actives of the company, it is important to follow up with them to learn how to keep their satisfaction with the company and morale high.

Gift ideas for employees who work remotely

For them, the best are gifts that break the monotony, maintain their health or make remote work easier.

Gourmet gift box

For that remote employee with gourmet tastes, nothing more appropriate than a box that combines high-quality sweets and an organic coffee blend. This gift not only entertains the worker, but can help a local business get ahead (and offer the company a good price).

Meet TOP developers

With Rviewer you will find tech-tested developers open to a job change. You can also evaluate your own developers and know their skills level thanks to our technical challenges.

Happy Hour Box

Even if they work from home, these employees are entitled to a little fun. Therefore, opening this box and finding everything they need for a happy hour with delicious sandwiches and snacks are perfect to entertain them.

Gift set with travel accessories

Working from home does not mean that your employee will always be there, but if you give him this set with a powerbank, a laptop bag, headphones and a USB cable, you can surely guarantee that he will work where inspiration comes. And these are elements that they will use on a daily basis.

Acupressure mat

Acupressure mats help relieve sore muscles, so common in people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Plus, they are a great way to reduce headaches and stress, just by leaning back on them.

Gift ideas for office employees

To thank the members of your work team, nothing better than entertaining them with fun things that add value to their lives. Not only will this make them feel recognized, it motivates them to work harder.

Bamboo lunch box

Those employees who like to bring their lunch to work, while also caring for the environment, will greatly appreciate this gift. In addition to the lunch box itself, it comes with a set of eating utensils attached to make the experience perfect.

Activity monitor

Do your employees spend a lot of time at their desks? A physical activity tracker will remind them that they need to take breaks to tone their bodies, while keeping track of the calories burned during the day, the distance they walk, the quality of their sleep, and much more.

Cheap gift ideas for employees

Not all presents have to be expensive to be effective: with little money, you can give simple gifts to make your employees smile and celebrate small achievements. A special occasion is also not necessary for these gifts: their goal is to remind employees that they are valued.

Classic deck of cards with custom design

Cheap, universal and with the company logo, a set of personalized cards can fill a distraction space both in the office and with friends.

High density foam roller

These compact foam rollers are a very useful tool to combat back pain, cramps and the tension resulting from sitting for hours. In addition to being useful, theyare discreet: the high-density foam rollers can be easily stored under a desk to be used when needed.

Customized gifts

If you want to highlight a special employee, nothing better than having his name engraved on a gift. This not only identifies that object as his, but also highlights that the company takes his into account and wants to give him something special.

A tip: always check several times that the engraved name is correct. There is nothing more disappointing that after spending the time to personalize a gift, the employee receives something with errors.

Sport hydration bottle

If the employee in question is a gym or outdoor sportslover, a sport bottle with his name will undoubtedly serve not only to hydrate properly, but also to remind him that the company recognizes his effort.

750 ml Johnny Walker Blue Label Whiskey

It may not be the cheapest of office gifts, but without a doubt an employee who receives a bottle of liquor with his name on the label is going to treasure it for a special occasion. At that time, he will surely remember with love the company that congratulate him for his exceptional work.

Virtual gift ideas for employees

Not all presents have to be real to be useful: a simple way to recognize an employee's work can be a card that allows him to access certain services, and they can be purchased online.

They're great for when you want to give something away, but there's not much time to execute the physical delivery - all of these presents are just a few clicks away.

A Kindle gift card

What is it? A gift card that people can email to buy anything on the Amazon Kindle. This will boost your employee desire to read the books they wanted, either to educate themself more or to have a good and relaxed time.

An Uber/ Uber-Eats GiftCard

As its name implies, it is a card to use the services of an Uber or Uber Eats transport. An employee always welcomes the ability to return home or go to work without delay, or go to enjoy himself without the need to drive.

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