Great examples of Google’s culture company

Google is one of the companies pioneers in creating a great work environment. How did they do it? Here we review ways to improve the company culture of your company.

Thanks to its business culture, this tech giant has the best talents in the world in terms of productivity, creativity and participation. It is already part of its brand, and has earned it numerous awards at the enterprise level. As well as the recognition of the Fortune magazine as one of the best places to work.

Of course, Google's Company culture was not created in a day. This is the effort of many years of good work and a lot of feedback. Then, let's see 10 reasons why Google Company culture works.

Open doors communication policy

At Google all the employees have a voice. They have a flat organization scheme where any opinion can communicate with the CEO without going through the filters of the intermediate managers. This requires greater employee engagement. But at the same time this open door policy makes them feel more valued and listened to.

Precisely, from the recruitment process it is requested that the candidate not be afraid to express himself freely and collaborate with others. This also applies to supervisors. In fact, supervisors are trained in leadership techniques to encourage and educate workers in these values.

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Its basic values are crystal clear

As a company, Google demonstrates very clear values and objectives, which it has maintained throughout its business evolution.

These are summarized in 10 very simple points, which each worker knows, understands and defends perfectly:

  • Democracy on the web works.
  • Fast is better than slow.
  • Focus on the user and all else will follow.
  • Great just isn’t good enough.
  • It’s best to do one thing well.
  • The need for information crosses all borders.
  • There’s always more information out there.
  • You can be serious without a suit.
  • You can make money without doing evil.
  • You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer.

Of course, the company always hires employees who share these values or can learn and incorporate them into their work. This way, it ensures that these values are perpetuated. This is a good way to improve company culture.

Support its employees in financial troubles

Google treats its employees like a family, so that real-life problems aren't a source of stress. As a result, it suffers less productivity than companies that don't help their employees financially.

In addition to high company salaries, Google employees have personal financial assistance so they have what they want and need. In this way, it is a less concern for employees. So, the employees can leave their finances in expert hands and always have good financial health.

Create a fun work environment

"Find a job that amuses you and you'll never work in your life anymore." Google has brought Confucius' maxim to its finest, making workplace a true playground.

So, working in your offices more hours or on weekends is not a burden on your employees or a reason not to go to work. They can feed, rest, relax and have leisure near their workstations. Many times, at no cost.

If food, medical checkups, hairdressing services, dry cleaning, professional massages, fitness center, latest video games, board games and even nap you can take it for free in the office, it's not hard to understand why going to work is no longer an issue.

Hiring by character and skills

Entering Google isn't easy: everyone wants to be hired by the company. Of the 2 million annual applications Google receives, the company only accepts about 7000 applicants.

These few employees should not only stand out for their technical skills, but for their creativity, their character, their ability to work as a team and, in addition, that they are funny guys.

Data-Based decisions

Since its founding, Google has based its decisions on data and statistics. Optimizing its business processes with real information.

This ranges from the time an employee must be delayed in the dining room row to how much paid time a mother needs, the best strategy of engaging their employees with a task... and yes: how to improve its business culture.

Encouraging creativity

If an employee is happy working, they will be more productive and more creative. That's why Google encourages creativity in its employees, giving them carte blanche to develop their own projects and hiring creative talents.

Moreover: if its workstation don't motivate him, a Google worker can sit anywhere, connect to the system, and work from there. Wherever an employee feels inspired, that's where Google really wants him to be.

HR oriented to employee happiness

Google's human resources department focuses on happiness as science. Instead of being reactive only to problems as in other companies, its People Operations Department (POPS) is proactive to the data collected from its employees.

In other words, POPS focuses on anticipating the worker being unhappy with the company and takes steps to address the difficulties in the operation of the company, before they scale.

Great mobility within the company itself

Although for other companies employee mobility within its structure is a problem, inside Google is a strong point in its business culture.

It is true that when a worker occupies another position it is necessary to train him and recruit a new employee for the position he previously held. But for Google that means that this person is going to get the exact job where he can achieve its full potential. In other words, where he or she will feel happier.

For that reason the company has a high degree of staff retention and works by training proven employees, which in the end saves onboarding and hiring costs.

Prioritizing innovation above all things

Culture and innovation are two elements that within a technology company cannot be separated. As an industry leader, Google has driven innovation since its inception and for this reason, it carries out a thorough and complete hiring process to capture the most innovative minds.

It also organizes sessions and talks on topics of interest, to use the potential of its employees to encourage out-of-the-box thinking, creation and innovative ideas. Nor does he hesitate to put the most promising ones into practice, giving him the necessary resources for his essay.

Moreover, Google rewards those employees who give ideas and innovate to improve their products, thus ensuring that their army of creative minds are motivated and a lot of fresh ideas are always at hand.

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