Why we are experts doing challenges

After analysing countless recruitment processes that were totally inefficient and had a lousy candidate experience, we set out to intervene to improve the world of technical testing for both companies and devs. What did we discover over the years? This:

  • Nobody wants to spend the weekend doing 5 technical tests.
  • Technical tests are often extremely long and very abstract, far removed from the problems that the dev would be working on in the job they were applying for.
  • Candidates only received feedback from the test as they progressed through the process. If they were discarded, the effort they had made was not valued.

This was unsustainable, and we couldn't just sit back and do nothing. That's why we decided to create Rviewer and with it, a new concept in developer assessment: Challenges that are true to the job for which they are applying, with which the company will receive a complete technical report on the candidates, and created by our Tech Mentors.

Ah, wait: What's this about our Tech Mentors?

Multiple job opportunities.
One code challenge.

Get rid of repetitive hiring processes for all the positions you apply to, and access many job offers by taking a single real-world assessment.

Challenges created by the best

If we wanted to evaluate the devs as efficiently as possible without neglecting their experience as candidates, we had to have top-notch challenges. And that's only possible if the tests are designed by the best.

So, we decided to bring together experts and references in different technologies to help us develop tests that were up to the task. We looked for people who already had extensive professional experience and who were familiar with both sides of any recruitment process: the company's side and the candidate's side. Our Tech Mentors have worked in TOP companies such as Google, Microsoft, SAP or Dynatrace. In addition, they have been involved in the assessment processes of many of the companies they have worked for, so they know exactly what really effective technical tests should look like. 

Our goal: To create attractive, direct and quality technical tests to assess candidates. 

  • All our challenges are always focused on the candidate's experience, with attractive topics and oriented to practical problems applicable in that technology, no algorithmic tests! 
  • We create content together with the Tech Mentors to accompany the candidates from start to finish, throughout the technical test: with a video kick off in which the challenge and the objectives are presented, or in a Challenge resolution video in which it is explained how to solve it in an optimal way. 

In short, we work to provide candidates with challenges that they can enjoy and learn from, accompanied at all times by the Tech Mentor.

Defence testing and user experience

What happens when the candidate completes the Challenge? Unlike traditional processes, we have enabled a space where the dev can defend their test by video, text or voice. The reason? We already know that code doesn't lie, but having the opportunity to show the reasoning behind their resolution and argue some complex decisions is certainly a significant context boost during the evaluation.

Of course, the dev will always receive personalised feedback at the end of the Challenge, which we think is more than essential. In this way, they will know and reaffirm their strengths and areas for improvement. No one should invest time in a test without receiving feedback in return, no matter what.

We want companies to have as much relevant information about candidates as possible to build their future teams, giving them the opportunity to decide from deep within the code. That is why we believe it is vital that candidates are comfortable and satisfied with the whole evaluation process, which can be an indisputable differential when choosing between one company or another. 

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