The funniest and most curious projects on GitHub

How many times have you relied on GitHub as your only savior in search of a solution? We confess, we use it as a bible sometimes too. But... What about the curiosities and funnies that some developers create?

Let's review here some of the most curious ones we've come across and/or that our devs have shared with us.

Seriously, some of them are just great!

Faker Data Generators (for node Node.js & Ruby)

How many times have you needed to add fake names and data to your projects to give them a realistic look? With the Faker Data Generator, you can create practically all the data you need for your projects. First names, last names, usernames, addresses, company names... even Pokemon names. 🤯

Enter the link below and discover all the types of data available. It will save you a lot of time and inventive effort for your node.js and Ruby projects (although there is also a Python version).

Find it here:


How can we forget Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 with his mythical phrases like "Hasta la vista, baby"? ArnoldC is a programming language in which some commands are homages to the mythical movie. For example:

EndMain: You have been terminated
EqualTo: You are not you you are me
True: No problemo
Return: I'll be back

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The Python-derived scripting language by the name of TrumpScript has caught our attention. 😂

What you read: it is based on the figure of the controversial former US president Donald Trump.

Some of its key functionalities are:

  • All numbers must be greater than one million.
  • Instead of True and False, we have Fact and Lie.
  • All code snippets must be written in the U.S. No imports are allowed.
  • All programs must end with "America is great".
  • Error messages are composed of quotes from Donald Trump


Retro video game lovers will love this CSS package. This repository includes a complete CSS library that will allow your projects to have the look and feel of the original NES ecosystem.

If you're nostalgic for pre-2000 video games, this touch of style can't be missing in your next project. 👾

Find it here:


A script that is a copy of Facebook Stories, that is a copy of Facebook Messenger, that is a copy of WhatsApp status, that is a copy of Instagram stories, that's a copy of Snapchat stories... 😅

You can read stories from any endpoint (JSON, Firebase, etc.) and the script will do the rest.

Try it here:


Feel like bringing back the time when the internet was super slow? Comcastify.JS is a repository that has a single goal: to make your project images load extremely slowly. 

The idea, to imitate the internet browsing experience before ADSL, when 56kb routers wreaked havoc.

Clearly, this is a funny joke. Especially if you look at the repository's slogan: "Sometimes images load fiendishly fast!"

Try their demo here:

As you can see, the creativity of devs has no limits in a space as large and varied as GitHub.

And not all repositories are completely useful for your work. Some, like the ones we've seen can be great for annoying someone 🙃.

Do you dare to try them out?

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