How to change the status of your candidates

In this tutorial we will see how to change the status of your candidates.

first you must go to the My candidates tab, in the Jobs section.

You can manage the status of all the candidates in your selection process inside each candidate profile.

You can invite them to a technical test, discard them if they don't fit or move forward with them to different states of your hiring process, interview, technical interview offer and hired.

If you discard the candidate, he/she will receive a notification and will know why you have discarded him/her. In addition, you can leave notes to our internal team to better understand the needs of the profile you are looking for. You will still have access to all discarded developers in the "Discarded" tab.

If you click on "Continue", you can indicate the status of the candidate:

  • Interviewing: For candidates in the preliminary round of interviews
  • Technical testing: For candidates who still need to be technically evaluated.
  • Offer: For candidates who have received an offer
  • Hired: For candidates who have already been hired. 

Watch this tutorial on video format:

That's how you can view and manage your candidates to review. 

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