How to manage My Candidates tab

In this tutorial we will see how to manage the My Candidates tab in the Jobs section.

In addition to the Discover functionality, which offers you seven candidates per week, you can manage all candidates for each offer in the My Candidates tab.

Two types of candidates are shown.

  • First, those who have applied to your offer either because they have seen it published and have decided to apply or because our team of talent advocates presented your project to them and they were interested in the position.
  • And second candidates are invited from the Discover Tab who have accepted your invitation. These are specified with the invite accepted tag.

Unlike the previous step in the my candidate section, you have all the personal information of the candidate's name, contact information, linkedin and give profiles from here.

How to manage the status of your candidates

You can manage the status of all the candidates in your selection process inside each candidate profile.

You can invite them to a technical test, discard them if they don't fit or move forward with them to different states of your hiring process, interview, technical interview offer and hired.

Watch this tutorial on video format:

That's how you can view and manage your candidates to review. 

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