How to create a new job to get new candidates

With the new jobs function, now available in the top menu, you will be able to manage your positions in a clear and intuitive way, and have a much clearer picture of the situation of each offer and each candidate. 

Here we will go through how you can create a job step by step.

1 - You can access the Jobs function from the main menu of your Rviewer user panel.

2 - If you already have an active position, it will appear automatically. 

3 - If you do not have an active position, you can request it through the “Connect with a recruiter” button.

4 - Our team will contact you to know all the details of your offers and help you in the process of creating your profile on the platform.

Once you tell us the details of your offers, we will start searching for developers and upload them directly on your jobs. You will be able to view their profiles, evaluate them, discard them or advance them in your processes.

Sign in to your account or request free access to start managing your candidates inside the app.

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