How to create assessments and invite a candidate to a challenge

When you access the Rviewer platform, you have the possibility to invite your own candidates to the technical challenges we have created to assess their level.

Follow this tutorial to learn step by step how the process works.

Once you have logged into the platform, click on the assessments tab in the top menu. In this section you can check which assessments you have active and directly invite the candidates you want by clicking on the "invite" button in the assessment of your choice.

To create a new assessment and link it to a Rviewer challenge, go to the "Challenge library" section in the top navigation menu.

Here you will find all available Rviewer challenges. Select the one you are interested in by clicking on “Add challenge”

Add a name for your assessment, we recommend naming it by the role of your assessment (e.g. Senior Java Developer):

Once it has been created, it will be added to the Assessments section. From there, you can directly invite the candidates of your choice by clicking on "Invite".

Sign in to your account or request free access to start creating new assessments inside the app.

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