How to create your company account

In this tutorial, we will explain how to create an account of the company reviewer.

To create our first position from the website, we click on create an account and select the account for companies.

Next, we fill out the first form with our name, email and roll automatically.

We will receive an email of the indicated address with a link from which we can continue with the process.

We click on the link that appears in the email and we can now start creating our first job posting to begin.

We will need to indicate the job requirements of our position including:

  • Choose the role that best suits what you are looking for: Backend, Frontend, Full-Stack... 
  • Choose the years of experience required to submit to your job offer.
  • Choose the company work model, if your developers work full remote or Hybrid
  • Where should your candidate be located
  • What's the required english level
  • Salary range

When we publish the first job offer, the platform starts searching instantly for candidates in our system who matched the indicated requirements. This process may take a few seconds. Here are two open possibilities: 

  • If we don't find enough suitable candidates for our position, we will automatically move on to the third and final step of indicating our job description.
  • Once the search is complete, if we currently have developers who match our position you will have access to a selection of the best profiles that meet your requirements. Those developer appears on the Discover tab without personal data and are automatically updated every week, on mondays. You can analyze their profiles and invite them to join your job offer.

From here, we can review their profiles. Some of them may have already completed one of our coding challenges. So they will have a complete technical report that we can also access from within each profile.

We can discard candidates who don't convince us or invite them to apply for our position by clicking on invite.

This way, we will send our request to these candidates and if they accept our invitation, we will have them visible and with contact information in our position to be able to send invitations to the candidates we are interested in and also received new applicants.

But, in order to be able to invite new candidates, we must first publish our offer. If we don't have published the offer but we invite a candidate the app will suggest us to complete our job description.

We can add a description of our offer to a link or document where we already have it published or by adding the content manually to our form.

You can fill the following subjects in your job description:

  • Info about the team
  • Info about the project
  • The developer's mission
  • What you expect from the candidate
  • Benefits & perks
  • Description of the hiring procress

All of our descriptions must pass a manual validation by our team. So in less than 24 hours, we will review our offer and check that everything is perfect to publish.

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