The inefficiencies of current technical tests: Rviewer as an alternative

When a company in the tech sector needs a developer, one of its main requirements is the brevity and agility in the hiring process. To get the right candidate for the right position in the shortest possible time.

To get the best candidate, many companies internalize technical tests. In which they evaluate the skills of each candidate.

In this article we will analyze the main inefficiencies of hiring processes with internalized technical tests. We will also see how it is possible to improve the whole process. Among other elements, thanks to the product offered by Rviewer.

Speed to market as a handicap of technical tests

In the tech sector, things are moving fast. Even within the same company, everything can change from one week to the next. It is an agile, adaptive sector that also demands extensive knowledge from its workers.

This willingness to change often leads to situations where vacancies arise. But there is nowhere to go to find candidates already assessed for their skills and needs. Thus, every hiring process requires a preparation process that includes at some point a technical test.

The result? Weeks lost in the search and evaluation.

What does Rviewer offer?

Rviewer offers a pool of technically validated candidates by specialty/programming language. As a result, companies that are part of Rviewer have immediate access, once the need arises, to a large number of profiles that meet their needs.

In addition, these profiles are already technically validated. And their skills have been evaluated with different parameters. So, the companies themselves can consult in order to choose the best candidate.

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It is difficult to find a candidate with the required skills

When a company goes to the market to look for a candidate, it is possible to find many available. However, the difficulty lies precisely in finding the candidate who has the skills required for the job. As observed in classic recruitment processes, in-house technical tests are time-consuming. Often do not give a clear picture of the candidate's skills.

With Rviewer, candidates have been previously evaluated. Their skills are categorized into different categories: Soft Skills and Tech Skills. Elements such as clean code or design patters are evaluated. And a card is extracted with the different skills of each candidate in various fields.

The result: an evaluation that is not only in-depth. But above all clear about the specific skills of each candidate.

Candidates dropout

Another problem observed in long recruitment processes with ad hoc technical tests is the high dropout rate of candidates. Either because the tests are not very agile and long. Or because the objectives to be achieved in the test are not clear. Or because the candidate does not seem to match what the Human Resources department is looking for at a human level.

Rviewer generates technical tests based on storytelling criteria so that the candidate knows what he/she has to do and what elements of his/her work will be evaluated. In addition to clarity, we must add agility: the candidate can be evaluated whenever he/she wants and, once evaluated, he/she will be able to access offers.

Thus, with the incentive of being able to apply for more than one offer, the completion rate of Rviewer's technical tests is over 80%.

Delayed feedback to candidates and not homogenized technical tests

Another problem with traditional technical tests has to do with candidate feedback and lack of homogenization. This type of testing takes a lot of time away from the human resources department. In the search for the ideal candidate, often no complete feedback is given to unsuccessful candidates, and this can be detrimental to the company's image. Moreover, this feedback is often not homogeneous or objective.

As a solution, Rviewer offers homogeneous and transparent feedback to all candidates. By creating reports on the particular skills of each candidate, both the candidate and the company have full access to these reports.

Thus, both know in a homogeneous way what are the main scores of the candidates. In this way, a company can choose the candidate with the most suitable characteristics. And a candidate can measure his or her skills against other candidates who have taken the test. Learning and improving in the process.

Conclusions: a sector that is constantly evolving

Rviewer was created with the intention of streamlining recruitment processes. And also with the intention of making them clearer and more transparent. Both for the candidate and for the company.

Through Rviewer's pre-validation work, companies only have to access the service when a need arises. To find their ideal candidate from a large list of candidates. All of them with their soft and tech skills evaluated and categorized.

This saves time-consuming and unattractive in-house technical tests. And also saves the HR team a substantial amount of analysis and correction work.

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