Java Jobathon: Outstanding results, extended deadline

Imagine you have to prepare a different CV for each company you want to apply to. What a waste of time, isn't it? Well, this is exactly what happens nowadays with most of the companies' technical tests. Developers are forced to repeat several technical tests to apply for different positions with similar roles.

The Java Jobathon was a Rviewer initiative created with the aim of standardizing, once and for all, the Technical Assessment step in the hiring process for similar positions.

Our first Jobathon started a month ago, and the results speak for themselves. Below you will find all the details

Why we created the Java Jobathon

Rviewer was born with the main purpose of changing how IT recruitment processes work. To achieve this, we have been innovating in the sector for more than two years.

Most of the developers are too tired of wasting our time doing eternal processes, solving non-sense technical tests... and worse than that, repeating those steps on every process! This is why we decided to create a Jobathon, a golden opportunity for developers and tech companies to connect with each others, in an efficient way.

The Java Jobathon allows all Backend & FullStack developers with background in Java to access multiple hiring processes of TOP companies by performing a single tech assessment in less than 3 hours.

The first Java Jobathon kicked off in September 2022 and gathered 9 hiring companies and 17 open positions. And in less than 30 days, more than 160 developers have participated in the process.

Outstanding results during the first month


Job Opportunities


Devs Participating


Challenges completed


Connection request from companies


matches between candidates & companies


Devs in the last stage of the hiring process


Devs hired (so far)
This Java edition is going so well, that we have decided to hold more Jobathons with different tech programming languages: PHP, Python, .NET, React, Node.js... If you are a company with hiring needs or a developer open to a job change, we are looking for you! 

Here's how you can join our upcoming events.

How to join The Jobathon if you're a developer

If you want to participate in the Jobathon and have the chance to access TOP job offers with a single technical test, follow the steps below:

  • Register for the Early Access. Our team will get in touch to let you know all the details before anyone else.
  • Solve a coding challenge, and receive technical feedback on your performance.
  • Meet the companies, avoiding further assessments.

How to join the Jobathon as a company

Since the Jobathon began, more and more companies have joined. And this first Java Jobathon is the first of many more to come.

If you want to be part of the next Jobathons, you can sign up here. It is as simple as following these steps:

  • Submit your application by registering for upcoming Jobathons here.
  • Post your job(s) offer(s) on Rviewer
  • Receive screened candidates for your job(s)

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