Jobathon: One single test, several amazing jobs

With the idea of improving the hiring process and the life of developers, we have decided to create our first Jobathon: the total event where developers can expand their career aspirations, and where the companies can find their perfect and dreamed dev. An event where recruitment times can finally be reduced and streamlined.

It is a massive event that brings together companies with Java developers and that will allow access to more than one hiring process by making a technical challenge of less than two hours.

How the Jobathon works

The Jobathon will take place from September 26th to october 27th. Developers can sign up now in the early access area and get access to the test.

  • Developers can apply here, until october 27th. The Challenge takes 2/3h to be completed.
  • Companies receive blind profiles of participants reviewed.
  • Developers can choose which companies they want to apply to.
  • They advance the hiring process at an advanced stage.

Participating Companies

More companies to come...

Companies interested in participating in the Jobathon can register here.

About the Tech Assessment

Ever heard of self-service beer tap dispensers? These are a new concept of drink dispenser that is already being used in many international music festivals to avoid long queues and crowds.

The user brings his or her glass and self-serves the beer. The system registers the amount dispensed and calculates the price of the service, transferring this information to the bar counter. Great innovation, isn't it?

This is a technical challenge focused on Java, for a FullStack role and with a medium/hard difficulty. The estimated time to complete it is 2/3h.

Advantages over traditional Tech processes

With the Jobathon our primary goal is to help both companies and developers to match each other. Developers will have the opportunity, with a single technical test, to apply for many job offers. On the other hand, companies will receive candidates already evaluated and fully qualified to move on to advanced stages of the hiring process.

  • With a single technical test devs can apply for more than one job offer
  • Developers will forget about complicated or incomprehensible technical tests: our challenge last a maximum of 2 hours.
  • Once the challenge has been solved, developers will be able to access the Rviewer developers' area and view your report. They can also continue their training with other challenges free of charge.
  • Developers will be able to apply with your technical report to jobs that match your profile. In addition, with their Rviewer profile, they will be able to apply to more interested companies and join their selection processes with interesting and effective technical tests, oriented to Real World problems.

How the Jobathon works for the companies

In the case of companies, they will receive a blind report of the devs and their results in the challenge. With this blind report they will decide which developers they want to meet. With this format, all candidates are equal and the only thing that differentiates them is the result of their tests.

  • The Jobathon is an opportunity to meet more candidates that match your job offers.
  • The identity of the devs is hidden until they decide whether they want to meet a company or not, and the participating companies get to reach many more devs in a short period of time and streamline their processes.
  • In a short time, you will be able to validate more profiles and find those that are perfect for the job.

It is an event in which we bring together many companies looking for similar profiles and, through a common challenge, we get the devs to have access to several candidates without having to re-evaluate themselves.

The identity of the devs is hidden until they decide whether they want to meet a company or not, and the participating companies get to reach many more devs in a short period of time and streamline their processes.

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