The latest from Rviewer – April 2021

At Rviewer we know how important it is that developers have an excellent experience throughout the entire candidate journey. So we have worked (and still working) on some new features to help you improve your candidate assessment process.

We’ve added some great new features that make hiring much easier for you, and also give your potential hires a stellar experience. Developers will love your challenges – and your company.

One click to invite + remind

Now it will be much easier for you to invite your candidates to perform a technical test. And what they will receive will also be visually more attractive and usable.

Once you are inside your dashboard, you will find the different skill assessment packs available. We have added, for each of them, an "invite" button so that your candidates receive a cool invitation to access the challenge. The only thing you will have to do is, once you've entered to your company dashboard, click on "+Invite", to send the invitation.

In a second step, you will need to add the developer's name and email address, so that he/she will receive a personalized invitation to the challenge in his/her email.

You can also nudge a potential hire if they haven’t yet taken your skills challenge by hitting "Send again" next to their name in the list of invited developers.

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Amazing developer experience improvements

We know what motivates and encourages developers and have built it right into the Rviewer experience. Developers now receive a very cool invitation with info about the challenge and a direct link to start coding.

Some skills challenge invitations even come with an explainer video from the Tech Mentor who created the challenge! Our tech mentors are industry specialists who help to improve the engagement of our challenges, offering specifically designed challenges with a storytelling point.

Watch your response rates soar 😉 

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