The Latest from Rviewer – March 2022

We have been working hard this winter to take Rviewer to the next level, and today the big day has arrived: the new Developer Area is now available to improve the overall candidate’s experience, from the time they solve a challenge to the time they make their defense or see their report.

Let's review some of the main improvements. Ready? Fasten your seat belts!

  • Improved flow of your candidates
  • All the Challenges are hosted now within the platform.
  • Environment friendly and usable for the candidate
  • Fast Log In through GitHub

  • For further information to make the best evaluation, developers can attach to the Challenge resolution a defense, in video, audio or text.

  • Enhanced Tech Mentor’s participation: Challenge solution recorded on video by the Tech Mentor himself, offering to our candidates a learning tool.

Challenges within the platform

Now, with the new Rviewer update, developers will be able to perform technical challenges in a much more efficient and friendly environment.

Every time you invite a candidate to one of our (or your) Challenges, they will receive a repository on Github on which they can implement their solution as if it were any other project, providing them with the environment and the experience!

Through a series of unlockable steps, they will have all the necessary information on the steps to follow to complete the Challenge. From the instructions on how to do it, to the resolution itself: all without leaving our platform and in a friendly environment, designed to enhance their skills.

Challenges within the platform

Challenge defense! In video, audio and text

We want our Challenges to be the most complete and efficient in evaluating developers. Therefore, candidates will have the possibility to add a defense to the Challenge resolution.

This defense can be uploaded as a video, text or voice memo. It will help the Tech Mentor in charge of reviewing the Challenge to better understand the work submitted and to optimize the evaluation.

A learning tool: Tech Mentor solution

A learning tool: Tech Mentor solution

In line with our desire to improve the candidates' experience and offer them a tool to look for a job, but also to continue learning, we have included in the process a Challenge solution recorded on video by the Tech Mentor himself.

In this way, developers will be able to review their work with a step-by-step solution that will allow them to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

And it doesn't end there. After this launch, we are still working on improving the experience for candidates coming to Rviewer! In a few days candidates will be able to choose which skeleton they want to solve any of the challenges with! 🔥☄️

Sounds cool, doesn't it? To access all these evaluated candidates available for hiring, all you have to do is register with Rviewer and upload your first job offers to the platform.

Are you ready? Sign in to your account  or request free access to discover the full potential of Rviewer.

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