New monthly Rviewer tech challenges created by Moure Dev

At Rviewer, we want to help devs improve their technical skills so that they can aspire to the best tech jobs. For this reason, we wanted to expand our Challenge Library with a very special long-term partnership with Mouredev, our new lovely Tech Mentor specialized in iOS, Android and web.

Every month, Mouredev will create a new challenge and share it with our community, inviting the developers to solve it. Then, he will dedicate a Twitch live session to comment on some solutions proposed by devs. And, of course, the devs will receive a personalized feedback to improve their skills.

Let's take a closer look!

A new technical challenge every month

Brais Moure, well-known iOS, Android and web developer, and responsible for Mouredev, will create a new technical challenge every month for the Rviewer community. 

It will be available within our platform, through GitHub, and will be presented on Twitch by Mouredev. It will be able to be solved on the platform or in a personal GitHub repository. And yes, at the end of the month there will be a live review of the tests presented, where every dev will be able to compare their performance with others.

But it doesn't end here, there are many more advantages for you, developer:

Receive personalized feedback and win prizes in educational material

Besides being able to solve a Challenge created with storytelling elements and applied to Real World problems, you will receive personalized feedback from our team, which will include assessments on your performance in different aspects (clean code, testing, etc.), and detailed comments with tips for improvement.YASS!

In addition, for participating in the Challenge you will be entered into a raffle to win 100€ worth of training material of your choice. 

Sounds good, doesn't it?

  • 1 new Challenge every month published on Rviewer and GitHub.
  • Challenge presentation on Twitch by our Tech Mentor Mouredev.
  • Live review of the submitted projects.
  • Personalized feedback and tips for improvement.

  • 100€ in training material for the best developers every month.

Join the Rviewer community to learn and find work as a developer

By joining our community, you will have access to our Challenge Library and will be able to participate in our quarterly Codeathon contest, which always brings interesting prizes.

And from now on, you will be able to train yourself monthly with Mouredev's challenges and evaluate your level against your fellow developers. Sign up with GitHub and discover our new dev area!

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