Introduction to the new Dev Area: gain confidence in your tech skills

When it comes to changing jobs as a developer and keeping evolving, ideally you should have a good portfolio where you can showcase your skills. To help you with this task and save you work we have made a major upgrade to our platform and we have released the new Dev Area.

We believe that you should spend your time on what really matters: practicing and gaining confidence in your tech skills and preparing your portfolio before applying for any job. For everything else, we will accompany you step by step. Even when it comes to applying for the best job offers.

What is the new Dev Area?

Until now, developers who came to our platform did not have their own space. With the new Dev Area this has changed. 

We wanted to put you at the center and we have created a private area from which you can easily and securely manage all the necessary tasks to test your skills and practice our code challenges with feedback.

Best of all, this portfolio with validated skills will allow you to apply for multiple selection processes. A single well-solved technical challenge opens the door to several offers.

What's changed?

If you are not yet a Rviewer user, you can create your account by signing up via GitHub.

From there you will have access to your personal area in the Dev Area. From there you will be able to measure your skills with our challenges, participate in our contests (our famous Codeathon) and much more. 

Let's review the main improvements you will find in our Dev Area.

Manage your tasks asynchronously

Work at your own pace. You can sign up for the Challenges you want and solve them when you have time. No pressure.

Multiple job opportunities.
One code challenge.

Get rid of repetitive hiring processes for all the positions you apply to, and access many job offers by taking a single real-world assessment.

Power your skills with a growing Challenge Library

Our priority is to offer you Challenges based on real world problems in the main programming languages: JavaScript, Python, Typescript, Java, etc.

The Challenges are created by our team of Tech Mentors - renowned specialists in the tech sector - and we continuously renew and expand their content.

Access your Challenges without having to be invited

All the Challenges in our Challenge Library will now be available in the Dev Area. It will no longer be necessary to follow the previous invite process. 

Receive personalized feedback and a complete report

The strongest value of our Challenges is technical report and complete feedback we will send you once the work is completed.

We want to make sure that you are always supported by our team of Tech Mentors, so at the end of the Challenge you will be able to submit your defense, review the Tech Mentor's solution and, as soon as we correct your work, get a report with feedback to keep learning and improving.

One Challenge, multiple open positions

Our Challenges are approved to serve as a technical test for most of the companies that work with us. 

So if you get good results we will give you the option to share your profile with companies that may be interested in someone with your skills.

The Tech Report, the jewel in the crown to improve your job search

Our Tech Report is one of the most valued features by our community of developers. It will help you in your process of improving your Tech Portfolio. It provides a detailed and visual evaluation of your performance of the Challenge you have completed.

One of our tech mentors will give you detailed feedback on what you did well and what you can do to improve. 

Want to try out what's new? Create your account now and sign up for your first challenge.

Need help with your account? If you have any questions we would be happy to help you. Leave us your comments at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Multi-apply: How to apply to many job opportunities with one single Challenge

We have managed to get most of the companies we collaborate with to adopt our Rviewer challenges in their validation process as an official test.

And here's the bomb: This allows us to offer you, at last, Multi-Apply: with a single technical challenge you will be able to access more than one job offer. Yes, you heard it right: MANY job opportunities by taking a SINGLE code challenge.

Master coding interviews for growing tech companies

Discover here the ultimate guide to coding interview processes. Find out how they work and how you can optimize yourself as a developer to attract the attention of tech companies and get better results in their coding interviews.

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