Must have questions for your employee feedback survey

Employee feedback surveys are an important tool for managers to measure the health of the work environment. But to be effective, surveys must include some key questions to gain insight.

Here we review some of them, so that you have a source of inspiration to develop your own surveys.

About the company

These questions measure the employee's commitment to the company and how identified they are with its values and corporate culture.

Why did you apply to work with us? Mention three values of the company with which you identify.

It is necessary to know what values people think your company has, to strengthen these in the hiring process. In the same way, this question gives a better idea of the image that the company projects.

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If another company offers you a 5% raise, would you be tempted? What percent would be enough to leave us?

An employee who is dissatisfied would consider a job change, even for a small salary increase. To the extent that the percentage to be considered is higher, he demonstrates his commitment to the company, as long as it pays wages according to the work market.

What are the three greatest strengths and weaknesses of our company?

If you want to know what the company is really doing right or wrong, ask its employees. They are the closest to the work and the clients, so their opinions will be more honest and well founded.

Does our organization have a purpose beyond money? What is it?

A company must be more than a money making machine: it must have a vision and values that transform the lives of its customers for the better. This must be clear to the employees, so that they know that their work is important and has a positive impact on others.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how transparent is the company in its performance?

If a company runs transparently to its customers and employees, its reputation increases. For that reason, it is essential that workers are informed at all times and that an environment of honesty is maintained.

On the efficiency of business management

Every company needs to increase the efficiency of its management and production process. To find out if your employees feel that they are well managed, these questions will be very useful.

On a scale of 10, does your supervisor acknowledge your contributions at work?

Recognition of effort and a job well done keeps workers motivated, and a motivated worker is much more productive. If a manager does not fairly and adequately acknowledge the contribution of their team, they are not doing a good job.

Does your supervisor make your job objectives clear?

The manager's role is to direct the team's work, and for that everyone must be clear about what to do. Without a clear goal there is no purpose, and that makes employees unmotivated in what they do.

Are you comfortable talking to your manager about new ideas to improve work?

An arrogant manager is harmful to any company. They must be receptive to criticism or new ideas from workers, who are ultimately the closest to the work that needs to be done.

Have there been positive changes since we started to apply these surveys? Name a few.

Ignoring the comments of the workers after a survey is a big mistake: they will feel that they have wasted time expressing their opinion and that the managers do not listen to them. This question helps to see if workers perceive that their voices are heard.

How to improve work management in the company?

Employees are the most prepared to talk about the business management process, since it is they who are directly supervised in their work. Listen to them for opportunities to be a better manager.

About the work environment

Detecting problems within the work team is vital to solve them before they escalate and affect the productivity of the company. These questions give a good idea of how satisfied workers are with their work environment.

On a scale of 10, how well do you relate to your work environment? What joint activities do you find most enjoyable?

In a fun and motivating environment, work flows like a game and not an obligation. Having supportive and cooperative colleagues enhances teamwork and each employee goes the extra mile not to be left behind.

Do you feel connected to your co-workers?

Co-workers are an essential part of an employee's life, because they live with them for much of the day. If one of its members feels excluded, it is time to find a way to integrate them

Do you feel respected and do you respect other member of your work group?

An employee who perceives that they are not respected within theirgroup is a potential problem, even a matter of concern for the HR department. If there are problems with this question, a solution should be sought immediately.

Would you recommend this company to a friend to work for? Why?

A worker who is happy with his work environment is an ambassador for your company, and through them maybe the company can hire a talented worker. If an employee is unwilling to recommend the company to a colleague, something is wrong.

Do your colleagues accept opinions different than theirs?

A work team must accept all opinions, evaluate them and reach the best consensus. All its members must think with an open mind for the good of the company, and in the end act as one  despite the difference of opinions.

On personal growth

What do your employees want and aspire to? The following questions give an idea of whether the company is promoting them from a personal or professional point of view, or if on the contrary it limits them.

List 3 of your career goals and why you consider them important in your life.

This question allows you to analyze, separately or together, the objectives of your employees from a professional point of view.

Would you like to receive training in any area of our company? If so, mention 3 areas of your interest.

If employees are interested in learning about the company they are work in, they will not consider leaving it. Also, the better they understand how the company works, the better they will be at their job.

On a scale of 10, how challenging is your daily job?

Boring, mechanical work is discouraging for a worker who wants to grow. As long as they feel that they work is varied and challenging, they will face it with interest.

Does our company support your professional development? How can we help?

Listen to the opinion of the employees and implement courses, conferences and other forms of training for the development of their professional capacities.

Mention three aspects in which the company helps or delays your professional growth

As long as employees work in a subject that gives them experience, they will work with energy. With this question, you can detect if an employee is working on something that they do not consider productive for their career development.

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