6 possible reasons why you are not getting hired as a developer

Are you having a hard time finding your dream job? Do you have a lot of interviews but you can't match with an offer that you really love?

And since the best offers are the ones with the most candidates behind them, competition is high. Let's review here six possible reasons why they wouldn't hire you, and why they would hire others.

Six points to look at to strengthen our profile and focused on the key moment of the interview.

A poorly prepared cover letter

The resume is your gateway. As they say, the first look is always the most important. So if you have a sloppy resume, or one that doesn't know how to reflect your best skills well, it may be time to perfect it.

So before you send out your resume, review it and tailor it specifically for the offer you're applying for. Highlight the skills that match what they need.

Not having informed yourself about the company

Something that always adds value and is not so often taken into account is that the candidate arrives at the first interviews having researched on their own. If the candidate already knows the company beforehand, he/she will make a better impression.

And he/she will also know what skills he/she needs to highlight. So find out on the web, study their products and services, their vision, etc.

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If you lack skills

This one is obvious, but we keep seeing it in our day to day. People who sign up for offers without really having the necessary skills, or a very low level. We are specialists in technical testing and from experience we know that having a low command of the required skills is a big problem.

So optimize yourself by applying to those offers where you can shine and show your skills, without long learning processes.

Low self-esteem - Lack of passion

In an interview, someone who is enthusiastic, open and direct calls more than someone who is introverted and indifferent. Even if you are a shy person, try to show yourself interested, vital, with a marked course.

People with low self-esteem and apathy may have problems when it comes to giving a good image at the time of the interview. Companies like to find proactive developers with the ability to make decisions.

Ask for a salary that is too high

This can be an important stopper. So when you sign up for an offer always keep in mind the salary range that is being offered and don't ask for more.

The key is that the more skill you demonstrate with your skills, the easier it will be to get a good salary. But always within the expectations of the negotiation, there will be time to grow!

Do not follow up

Along the lines of showing enthusiasm and interest, after the interviews we advise you to do some follow up, to be in contact with your recruiter, to talk to the company.

Showing interest and eagerness is a big part of the trick when we want to get a cool job coveted by many.

As you can see, the key is Optimization, skills and a good dose of enthusiasm. The alchemy of these elements will help you to be more likable in the interview process and get better jobs.

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