10 reasons you prefer Rviewer challenges to conventional technical tests

Did you see our last article on pains when doing technical testing in recruitment processes that you had been telling us about?

OK. Well, we have some good news: We have also gathered the 10 most repeated reasons why you prefer Rviewer challenges to conventional technical tests 😏 

Real World Challenge

We don't quite understand the point of taking technical tests that have nothing to do with the job you're applying for. That's why ours are real cases that you can find in your day to day 🤷‍♀️

10 hours of testing? No, thanks

There are technical tests so long and complex that you should be paid a salary for solving them... You don't need to take a 10h test to know your skills, you just need challenges, straight to the point. 👀

No limitations

A good Challenge must find the balance between a very narrow problem and a very broad one, to get the most out of the candidate. Freedom to demonstrate knowledge, all the power is yours. 🔥

Multiple job opportunities.
One code challenge.

Get rid of repetitive hiring processes for all the positions you apply to, and access many job offers by taking a single real-world assessment.

Scope and clear evaluation: simple but not simple challenges. 

We ask for code, but we evaluate your ability to tackle a problem and propose a good solution. We make the evaluation criteria clear so you can decide where to put the effort. 💥

Originality and storytelling? YASS

OK, we accept that technical tests are not usually the funniest thing in the world, but it is clear to us that with love and a bit of storytelling - a lot of storytelling - they are cool 😉.

Made by the best (aka Tech Mentors)

We wanted the best challenges, so we gathered the best team of professionals in the sector to make them. And yes, they too have experienced the pains of technical testing thousands of times 🤦

Feedback: Easy. 

No one, NO ONE, should invest time in a technical test without getting feedback in return, no matter what the result is. ⛔

Test defence

The code doesn't lie, but sometimes it's not enough to understand the reasoning behind the resolution. That's why in our challenges we leave a space for you to defend the solution by voice, video or text. You're welcome 🙃

Video kick off and video resolution

First we improve your understanding of what is asked in the Challenge and then we explain how to solve the challenge in an optimal way. No experience is a bad experience if you learn something along the way, and this is not about handing in a test and that's it. #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork

A single technical test to apply to several companies

The jewel in the crown! No more spending ALL weekend doing different technical tests to apply for different offers. 1 technical test = several companies. In the end, we are all looking for the same thing. 💣

What, did we leave one out? 🙂

Multi-apply: How to apply to many job opportunities with one single Challenge

We have managed to get most of the companies we collaborate with to adopt our Rviewer challenges in their validation process as an official test.

And here's the bomb: This allows us to offer you, at last, Multi-Apply: with a single technical challenge you will be able to access more than one job offer. Yes, you heard it right: MANY job opportunities by taking a SINGLE code challenge.

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