We’ve updated our Rviewer Solutions section!

Solving coding challenges, especially when you have to do it for a job interview, can be daunting. After months of preparing for the interview, you only have less than an hour to solve a coding problem. To complete it successfully, you will need the confidence and the necessary skills. This is where we want to help you.

We want to introduce you to Community Solutions, a new section on your Challenge page that will help you upgrade your coding level faster. With this new feature we provide our developers with more problem-solving methods they can use to start confidently solving coding tests.

Our goal has been to give you more learning resources and to highlight the best solutions from other devs in the community.

What’s new 

We’ve updated our Rviewer Solutions section! When you are completing a challenge within your Challenge Page you can now unlock a new tab called Community in the Solutions block right after submitting your solution. 

  • This new addition will help you see how other dev users from our community have tackled the same challenge.
  • You don’t need to wait for feedback from your Tech Mentor. You will be able to get a first idea of your performance in terms of code quality and techniques by analyzing the best solutions from the community.
  • You’ll learn new coding approaches, and improve your rating on your next challenges. 
  • The higher the level of your challenge solution, the more likely you are to become a top performer, and have your solution shared with others.

How it works

Here is how the Rviewer's solutions section works.

  • The first tab will show up to 3 solutions from other developers that have stood out
  • First, you must submit your challenge with the Mark as completed button.
  • Once you have done so, the Rviewer's solutions section will be unlocked.
  • If the challenge has a Tech mentor solution it will be displayed in the second tab.
  • Download the solution code in a ZIP format so you can see how the challenge has been solved by other developers

Benefits for the devs

There are many benefits that this new section brings to the construction of an impeccable dev profile.

  • Devs junior and mid-level wanting to upgrade their coding skills, will be able to do so with more references and examples.
  • Devs trying to nail their next coding interview, will be able to hone their skills with greater precision.
  • Get new ideas on code-solving problem methods. Each challenge can be solved in different ways and each code can have a different level of clean code. In this way you can discover new variants to improve
  • Validate your code challenge solution faster
  • Learn new ways to upgrade your code quality by comparing your work with that of the best devs in each Challenge
  • Stand out as a top performer and boost your developer portfolio

With this new release we extend the depth of the Challenge solution. We will no longer only have the personalized feedback of the Tech Mentor and his solution to the Challenge. 

By being able to consult up to three top solutions, we will learn new ways and methods that will help us improve our coding level and learn how to approach the same problem from different points of view.

Take a look at other developer solutions if you already completed a challenge on Rviewer or sign up and start a new challenge if you aren't our user yet. We hope this feature is useful to you and as always your feedback is most appreciated.

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