Start posting your jobs on Rviewer and find qualified matching developers faster!

We created Rviewer to solve problems in the tech hiring process. One of the main pain points that our customers pointed out to us was the difficulty in finding qualified developers.

During the beta testing phase of our new Discover feature, many of our customers told us that they had tried everything to find candidates without success. From job ads, to multiple job boards, outreach campaign tools, ATS and more... but nothing worked.

To help them level up their developer hiring game we've launched a new feature that goes beyond a regular job posting as it's integrated with our latest Discover matching algorithm. Not only will you be able to post your job offers on our platform, but you'll be able to track them much more effectively and intelligently.

Let's see what it's all about.

What's new?

With our new Job Posting functionality you will be able to do several things that will allow you to speed up and optimize your recruitment process:

  • Create a job offer in seconds and instantly start receiving a weekly list of interview-ready developers with the skills you need. 
  • Invite the developers you are interested in to apply and jump straight to interviews.
  • Check the candidates' profiles and the results of their technical tests with our Data Skill Report and our Soft Skills Report. You will get all the technical information about the level and capacity of each developer available for hiring.

Find your ideal developer candidates with supercharged job posts

Once you are logged in to Rviewer in your Company Area, you can create various types of job posts:

  • You can create hybrid or remote jobs, from Spain (for any other location you need to talk to our tech connectors), unlimited applicants, etc.
  • Overview recruitment job posting (without Discover, standard job posts): we have this type of posts because we are still in process of integration of our smart matching technology with any kind of job offer.
  • Overview smart match job posting (using our technology Discover): in both cases employers can reach to a wider network of developers through our marketing outreach and alternative promotion channels

Nuestra tecnología Discover puede probarse en Free Trial. Si te gusta y te facilita tu proceso de contratación, podrás escoger qué tipo de plan se adapta mejor a tus necesidades:

  • Job posting - 149€/job post: Publish and spread your job through our marketing campaigns. Get unlimited applicants
  • Discover Talent - Up to 3 job posting per 499€/month: Meet qualified applicants and receive new matching candidates from our database on a weekly basis. Este será el único precio que tendrás que pagar, no hay pay per hire.
  • Sourcing and interviewing - Personalized plan: Uncover hard-to-find developers sourced and interviewed specifically for you by our expert team. 

What type of developer candidates will the company get

Once you create your job posts, you will instantly receive available candidates ready to be interviewed. The question is: will they be good candidates for my position?

Through each candidate's blind profile you will be able to analyze their soft skills and their Data skills report. You will also be able to analyze how they have performed our technical tests and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

From a database of more than 30K developers, you will find pre-screened developers, ready to interview, covering a wide range of tech stacks, mostly based in Spain although we can always try to solve developer needs from other locations.

A smart matching technology to speed up your hiring process

quantum leap in quality for developers and companies alike.

The job search technology integrated into our job posting feature is a shortcut not only to finding the right candidates in seconds, but also to interviewing more effectively.

Recruiters and hiring managers have access to a pool of qualified developers ready to meet with the company, increasing the chances of making a hire much more quickly.

Sound good, doesn't it? 

You can start posting job openings to test Discover with our free trial right now.

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