Interviews allow the hiring manager to decide if a candidate is a good fit for the company’s role and culture. As always, when it comes to hiring a new software engineer, this interview has to be planned and executed correctly.

Tips and tactics to interview software engineers

We have launched a new Rviewer’s feature that will bring clarity and light to our technical tests for companies: a candidate skills report, in which multiple variables are analyzed to measure the candidate’s real level.

What parameters to choose to evaluate a candidate’s technical skills

In this article you will find tips to improve the developer hiring process, and the establishment of a basis for its optimization.

Tips to improve technical hiring processes

In this article we will analyze the main inefficiencies of hiring processes with internalized technical tests.

The inefficiencies of current technical tests: Rviewer as an alternative

We analyze here the growth of the presence of women in the tech world. There is more and more diversity, but we are still far from parity.

Women in tech: what percentage of the workforce is female in 2020?

After a job interview, the first question that our family or friends will ask will be How did the interview go?

How did the interview go?