Office pranks should be creative and fun, but not so much that you get fired or embarrass co-workers. Here you’ll find 7 good office pranks

7 good office pranks

If you do not know what gift to give to your employees, this may be a good starting point to get inspired.

Employee gift ideas: a list of recommendations

Introduce yourself to the KISS model of leadership development to prepare your employees to make the leap to positions of greater responsibility. Identify talents, and help them grow.

The KISS model of leadership development

Surprising results from HackerRank’s scoring of over 1.5 million developers across 50 countries!
Here are the TOP 10!

The Top 10 Countries that Boast the Best Developers

We analyze the advantages and disadvantages of combining the roles of CTO and CPO in a company. When is it worth it and when is it not?

Pros and cons of combining CTO and CPO Jobs

One way for assistants to grow professionally is through job-specific conferences. These not only give them a break from their daily tasks, but also allow them to acquire relevant skills, give a space for strategic thinking and more.

Administrative assistance conference, all you should know