Use Rviewer to evaluate your internal team

Knowing what your team's strengths are and having accurate data about them is the ideal way to make the best decisions. How will you organise your training plan if you don't know exactly what level your developers are at?  How will you create a realistic hiring plan if you don't know what your team's weaknesses are?

Rviewer is a developer assessment tool that can help you understand your team's progress and situation much better. Let's see how.

Evaluate the level of your employees

When you have hired a developer some time ago, it is often a good idea to re-evaluate their skills. In order to better organise their training and, above all, to find the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

Rviewer is a comprehensive solution that can help you in this process.

What we offer is simple: We take care of the entire evaluation process of your team.

We set the technical challenges, allow developers to defend their tests by providing a great user experience, and then send you a comprehensive technical report that allows you to compare skills between different developers.

If, for example, you have a team of Javascript specialists, you can evaluate them with our "Event emitter" Challenge, created under the tutelage of one of our tech mentors, Favio Corpa. What you read: all our Challenges have been created by specialists who have worked in companies such as Google or Microsoft, among others.

Meet remote developers screened by experts and hire 6x faster

Reach those candidates you can't reach. Know their technical skills beforehand. Focus only on the cultural fit with your team.

Advantages of evaluating your team with Rviewer

The work of evaluating your employees can take up hours and resources, so the first clear advantage that Rviewer offers is a time and cost saving for your company. We evaluate and correct developers throughout the entire process.

As a final result of this process you receive a complete technical report that allows you to see clearly what the skills of your developers are and to compare them with each other. In addition, from the report you can analyse the solution of the Challenge and the texts, audios or defence videos of the devs.

In essence: with very little effort you will have a complete overview of your team, and you will be able to make the best decisions.

To wrap up, companies that want to grow in a way that's fast, healthy and sane need to do a few things right:

  • Test developers on skills they will actually use
  • Get clear results that accurately reflect devs' skills
  • Give developers a superior end-to-end experience
  • Cut out efficiencies to onboard new hires fast

We're super confident that this fresh way of screening developers really is the future of tech hiring. Candidates love it. Companies need it. And we are delighted to offer it!

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