10 technological inventions predicted by the Simpsons

The Simpsons is the longest-running sitcom on American television. Also, it is famous for predicting with uncanny precision many technological inventions and advances that are real today.

How do they do it? Presumably, they have relied a bit on where technology research was heading, a bit of luck and a lot of imagination from their writers. So, let's review 10 times when The Simpsons were scarily prescient with their predictions of future technology.

The 3D printed cake

(Season 22, episode Future-Drama)

3D printing was a little bit extreme back in 2005 when The Simpsons predicted it, but they hit the jackpot.

Marge takes a picture of Bart and Lisa and turns it into a cake. Maybe we are not there yet, but 3D printed food is now a fact. In fact, one of the most widely used technological inventions of the moment and with the fastest growing market share.

The Baby Translator

(Season 2 Episode 15)

Being able to understand the cries of a newborn using The Baby Translator seems... stupid. But, hey! In 1990 The Simpsons did it.

Nowadays, you can find several applications in your phone's app store that claim to do the same. Dumb and inaccurate? Yes, but still The Simpsons foretold it.

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The Hands-Free Camera

(Season 5 Episode 13)

In this episode aired in 1993, Homer use an oversized cowboy hat with a hidden camera to capture point-of-view footage of Apu.

The dashboard and GoPro cameras are widely used devices now, but back in the early 90´s they were bold predictions.

The Hugh Parkfield's Smartwatch

(Season 6, Episode 19, Lisa's Wedding)

The Simpsons saw the coming of the smart watch back in 1995.

Today nothing is more common than the wrist band that make us walk more, remind us to exercise and sleep well. Yes, and shows the date and time.

The Robot Librarians

(Season 6, Lisa's Wedding)

Again in that episode, the writer Greg Daniels impresses us by predicting the library's robotic librarian. Now we have the AuRoSS (autonomous robotic shelf scanning), that does exactly the same job.

The Video Chatting: One of the fastest growing technological inventions

(Season 6, Episode 19, Lisa's Wedding)

Also in that episode  Lisa had a glimpse of her future, The Simpsons accurately predicted yet another technology widely available nowadays.

Video calls and face time are part of our daily routine, but in 1995 it was a wild prediction that was right.

The VR glasses

(Season 6, Episode 19, Lisa's Wedding)

Virtual reality glasses appear several times in that episode aired in 1995.

And, guess what? Nowadays, we have the Oculus Rift and other RV glasses available.

The Sarcasm detector

(Season 10, Episode 22)

Professor Frink's invention was used in 1999 to interrogate the Comic Book Guy. The same concept was applied by two researchers at the University of Berkeley.

They created an algorithm that detects sarcasm in written texts with a 75% of accuracy. Since normal people only note sarcasm 56% of the time... No bad!

The Ultrahouse 3000

(Season 13, Treehouse Of Horror XII, House Of Whacks)

When Marge upgrades her house to Ultrahouse 3000, the smart speaker that controls every aspect of the house falls in love with Marge and tries to kill Homer.

Released 18 years ago, it seems that Alexa is the spawn of Ultrahouse 3000, right?

The Yard Work Simulator

(Season 9 Episode 12, Bart Carney)

Virtual Reality is now a fact and it is used not only in games, but also in schools and hospitals.

Well, The Simpsons predicted that back in 1998 when Bart gave a virtual gardening experience called Yard Work Simulator a try.

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