The latest from Rviewer – May 2021

"Everything is about Candidate Experience"

We know that a good candidate experience could be one of the most important points to decide between one company or another. With this in mind, all of our Rviewer Challenges have an intro video, we will always send feedback to the candidates once they submit, and also a video with the solution provided by the Tech Mentor.

But this was not enough, so we launched a new feature where the candidates could explain and answer some questions about how they faced the Challenge.

Defending the Challenge solution

Once the candidates have finished the challenge, they have the opportunity to answer a few questions about what problems they have found and how they solve it. This could be done by video, audio, or just writing their answers. After a candidate submits the defense you would find it inside the technical report.

With this new feature, we want to provide more context to the company but also give a room to the candidates to explain the rationale behind the solution.

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