The Top 10 Countries that Boast the Best Developers

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Surprising results from HackerRank’s scoring of over 1.5 million developers across 50 countries! We would have put our money on the US and India as coding bigwigs, but neither even made the top 25! 🤦‍♂️

Developers were tested on a range of challenges — from Algorithms to Java to AI, Python and Data Structures — and scored on speed and accuracy.

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🤙 Here are the top 10:


And not just because of its population! Maybe it’s that the country holds national programming contests. Or maybe it’s that a lack of educational resource makes the path of computer programming particularly popular. Whatever the reason, China’s developers rocked it.


Russian coders scored 99.9. There is probably a relationship between the reputation Russians have as skilled hackers and the fact that the country has a wealth of proficient coders. You’d have to be a crazy good developer to pull of a world-class hack.


Yes, a lot of multinational tech companies have set up shop in Poland, but it is also true that computer programming is taught very early on in school. By the time students graduate high school, many are well-versed in Python and Java (for which they scored #1 out of 50).


While the country didn’t make the top 3, its programmers show up most often on the HackerRank scoreboard. No shortage of international tech companies in Switzerland — and the country scores big in the Global Innovation Index.


No surprises here. Hungarian youth are groomed for careers as developers, with programming classes as early as primary school. With results like these, we might just start seeing more governments putting programming in their educational agendas.


The country credited for bringing blockchain to the market scored highest on AI challenges. And it’s not just its programmers that make the country strong in tech; Japan has long been considered an innovation forerunner.

7. Taiwan

Taiwan is considered as big a tech giant as China. Its developers adapt easily to new programming languages and are considered very wellrounded. In fact, they hit the top 5 for Algorithms, Data Bases, Data Structures and Functional Programming.


Another case of early introduction of computer programming into education. France started to offering a programming curriculum in its elementary schools in 2014 and has made impressive advances in innovation ever since.

9. Czech Republic

Czech programmers scored high in a number of challenges, including Shell scripting and Mathematics. The country is one to watch, according to several organizations, including the Consumer Technology Association (the name behind global innovation congress CES).

10. Italy

Companies are throwing money behind tech in Italy, which is emerging as an innovation leader. Apple, in fact, is setting up school for nearly 1000 programmers in Italy. Italy’s programmers performed extremely well in Data Base, C++ and Tutorial challenges.

🤔 Don’t see your country?

Have a peek at the full report: Hackerrank Blog

And don’t worry, Spain, you’re still ahead of both the US and India, at a strong 18! BRAVO 👏👏👏

While everyone loves easy-to-read reports like these, they miss the fact that every country has incredibly talented developers. The GetWith developer base matches outstanding international tech professionals one-by-one with projects and companies that fit their skills, aspirations — and souls.

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