Introducing Tracks, a new type of code challenges you can solve in a few steps

Nowadays, technical programming tests do not have a good reputation. One of the main complaints of devs is that they are long and cumbersome. They have to spend too much time doing them.

In fact, for every job process they apply for, they can spend days writing code to prove their knowledge to the company that wants to hire them. And the worst thing is that these tests usually have little to do with the work that the developer will end up doing.

All bad, isn't it? These are all problems we have faced at Rviewer. 

Improvements in our code challenges

In order to keep evolving our tool, we have updated our challenges to offer a much more user-friendly experience for developers. 

Let's see what's new:

  • We have improved our coding challenge library with Tracks and Skeletons.
  • Tracks allow us to divide technical challenges into different steps.
  • Skeletons offer the possibility to solve each challenge in different programming languages.
  • We have sought to optimize developers' time and help them improve their level more quickly and effectively.

Track challenges

Tracks are a set of challenges that contain small pills that help the junior developer grow. Each pill is called Steps, which are more atomic and can be done in less time. At the end of a step, the developer will move on to the next one and so on until the track is completely finished.

Their use is simple: once you start the challenge from the challenge library,  you will be able to choose with which language and framework you want to solve the track. Next, you will be able to solve each step. Each step is nothing more than a challenge split atomically. So you will unlock each step as the track progresses.

At the end, you will be able to defend the track and give feedback. Then, you will receive the report with the feedback from Rviewer.

  • You will be able to perform the different steps at your own pace.
  • By unlocking steps, you will see more effectively your progress within the challenge.
  • No more endless and massive technical tests


Now developers can select the technology stack to solve a code challenge. The skeleton will allow them to start solving the challenge with an already configured code base, saving the developer from having to worry about dependencies, runtime environment, databases, etc.

In essence, developers will have a pre-configured environment to start with!

  • Skeletons allow all our challenges to be solved in different languages and frameworks, expanding the possibilities of our developers community.
  • This configuration saves the developer time by avoiding certain secondary processes.
  • We also improved the readme section to improve your understanding.

Improve your coding interview skills with our Track E-Wok

In this challenge you will have the objective of setting up an online home delivery service for a very popular chain of Wok restaurants.

  • This is a backend challenge, easy level, and divided in 5 steps.
  • It has been designed for junior and middle developers.
  • It is available in 5 languages: JavaScript - Python - TypeScript - PHP - Java.

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