Women in tech: what percentage of the workforce is female in 2020?

Even when it is early to have reliable statistics of the percentage of women in tech (technology-related sectors), trends and data from 2020 allow us to come to a conclusion. And that's not a very flattering conclusion.

According to statistics, in the tech industry only 17% to 20% of the workforce are women. The five biggest tech companies (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft) employ only a 34.4% of female workforce. And that’s really low.

Workforce female: an abyss of growth

At best, the tech industry is only beginning to move towards equity and equality. Even when it has grown exponentially during the last 10 years. Tech is indeed a fast-growing businesses that create new jobs. But the percentage of women in IT jobs is still the same.

Although tech companies recognize that huge gap, women in IT positions also quit 45% more than men. The problem resides in the fact that they don’t feel that executives support female professional growth. Also, women wages are 29% less than men on average.

And when it comes to non-white women with degrees in computer science or engineering, it gets worst. Only 3% of computing-related positions are covered by black women. 6% by Asian women. 2% by Hispanic women.

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A change of mindset is needed to see more women in tech

Gender inequality in the 21st century is not only unacceptable, but stupid. Diversity in backgrounds, experiences and ideas help make any industry stronger and produce higher quality products.

Companies should understand in their hiring process that not all jobs in the sector require engineering or coding skills. So they may benefit from diversity rather than taking to account only experience.

Nowadays  80% of women seeking  a job in the tech industry value three things. The diversity, equality and inclusion policy of the company. So, to catch up, managers need to implement a change of mentality. Not to improve statistics. But to create new talent.

What can we do to boost gender diversity?

The tech industry needs to promote gender parity, hiring and promoting women at  managerial and entry levels, to assist women in their career ambitions.

Give women the proper credit

Managers tend to forget the triumphs and statements of women. To build a strong work culture, co-workers, managers and executives must remember a woman’s hard work.

Diversity on hiring, Promotions & Board Seats

As the tech industry is growing at a wild speed, diversity is often overlooked in hiring. Some companies just take the first candidate they can find. This technique is wrong. It’s also dangerous. Companies has to hire more women to ensures diversity in the future.

The same process needs to be implemented for board members and managerial positions, since there are fewer of them in the workplace. That ensure the diversity of opinions in tech companies, when it comes to race and gender.

A hiring process based on potential, not experience

Hiring based on prior experience is hurting women in the workplace. Since women are currently overlooked. Therefore, they can’t gain demonstrable experience as quickly as men. So they are at a disadvantage in the hiring process. Hiring on potential allows women the opportunity to get the positions they deserve.

Unconscious Bias Training for Hiring Managers and Evaluators

Without knowing, underlying attitudes and stereotypes may be affecting a company’s hiring process. Known as unconscious bias or implicit bias, people tends to think of the tech industry as a male-only environment. So recruiters needs to be aware of this fact that affects diversity.

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