Jobathon: Hack your way to land multiple job opportunities

With the idea of improving the hiring process and the life of developers, we have decided to evolve our successful contest, the Jobathon.

The Jobathon is not your typical coding event. It's a community-driven coding challenge event designed to help you land better jobs fast and with zero stress.

How the Jobathon works

Easy peasy: by taking a single coding challenge, you can fast-track multiple job opportunities and have a chance to win exciting prizes. It's a game-changing opportunity for developers like you to hack your way to land job interviews.

  • Choose one of the four technologies to test your skills with a technical challenge: Java, Python, React or Node + Typescript. The Challenge takes 2/3h to be completed.
  • While taking the challenge, select the companies you want to meet
  • Land interviews with the employers of your choice with the help of our Tech Connectors
  • Receive rewards and win prizes, all based on your challenge performance

Who is the event for?

Perfectly fit for skilled developers with 3+ years of experience. Job offers are exclusively open to Spain-based developers or those with a valid European work visa.

Over 20 companies are participating in this edition of the event.

Nine tech companies participated in our previous event and we found it to be a success. In this new evolution of the Jobathon, more than 20 companies are participating.

About the Open Jobathons

You can participate in as many verticals as you wish. For each one you will have to complete a code challenge with an estimated duration of 3 hours.

With the completed challenge, in addition to receiving a complete technical report and entering the contest to win prizes, you will be able to connect with the companies participating in the event.

Let's discover each of the challenges

Beer Tap Dispenser API

Picture a world where festival-goers can skip long queues and serve themselves their favorite beer. 🍺🍺🍺

It's time to turn this vision into reality!

Your mission?
Develop an API for a self-service beer tap dispenser system. Enable users to bring their own glass, self-serve their beer, and let the API track the dispensed amount while calculating the price.

Ongoing Jobathons using this challenge:

Dreadful Cherry Tomatoes

Join the challenge to create an awesome webpage for Dreadful Cherry Tomatoes, a platform dedicated to helping users find information about their favorite movies.🎬

Your task?
Implement a captivating movies page where users can easily explore the latest films. The page will display movie cards featuring the title, year, description, and image, all sorted by the most recent releases. With a user-friendly filter, users can search for movies by title.

Ready to bring this movie discovery experience to life? Let's get started! 🤘🏽

Ongoing Jobathons using this challenge:

Advantages over traditional Tech processes

With the Jobathon our primary goal is to help both companies and developers to match each other. Developers will have the opportunity, with a single technical test, to showcase their skills to multiple companies looking for qualified developers. On the other hand, companies will receive candidates already evaluated and fully qualified to move on to advanced stages of the hiring process.

  • With a single technical test you will reach more than one company
  • Forget about complicated or incomprehensible technical tests: our challenge last a maximum of 3 hours.
  • Once the challenge has been solved, you will be able to access the Rviewer developers' area and view your report. 

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