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After more than two years consolidating our platform for both devs and tech companies, we continue to improve the hiring processes. We want Rviewer to be the place where you can manage your job offers and candidates as conveniently and efficiently as possible. That's why today we bring you a new feature: Discover.

In addition to being able to upload your own Job Offers on the platform and manage them, from now on you will also receive, every week, at least six vetted candidates for each offer uploaded perfectly qualified for the skills you need.

Cool, isn’t it? 

Want to know more? Let's take a closer look at Rviewer Discover, the automated job matching tool that delivers interview-ready developers straight to your inbox.

Why we created Discover?

With the creation of Discover, we wanted to help the companies we currently work with to solve some recurring problems that we consider a stopper when it comes to finding and hiring candidates.

Currently, in the Tech sector, competition is very high and the number of vetted developers, on the other hand, is very low. We know that it is difficult to find dev profiles that are willing to go through long and costly hiring processes that require an excessive amount of time. It is also difficult to find candidates that match the profile you are looking for for each specific job offer, etc.

That's why we at Rviewer have created Discover. Discover is an automated job matching tool that instantly delivers interview-ready developers who fit your job criteria. It automatically sources a list of qualified developers from a growing database and sends it on a weekly basis, saving you time and money on cold outbound sourcing.

 A new tool that helps you to go through the candidate sourcing process in automatic mode, without the need to invest so much time and money in the process.

Introducing Discover: your hiring booster

Discover is a new feature that we have added to Rviewer. With it, you can receive an automatic weekly matching with developer profiles that match the hiring needs of your job offers.

All candidates are selected from the Rviewer database. Most of them have been interviewed and technically validated or, at the very least, have passed a first screening. The great thing about this new feature is that you will receive (as a company) 6 new candidates every week, all you have to do is choose the candidates you consider most suitable in this time interval.

Discover is currently in Beta Testing phase. If you are interested in having your company participate in this test, you can get more information here: it is a free beta.

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How it works?

To start enjoying this new functionality within the platform, you only have to follow three simple steps once you have registered with Rviewer:

  • Make your job visible: The first step is to tell us which jobs you want to make visible to the community on our platform.
  • Get New Candidates: Every week, without fail, you will receive up to 6 new profiles from our platform that will match each of your jobs.
  • Meet, interview and hire! All candidates have already evaluated their technical skills with our Challenges and are ready to move on to the final stages of the selection process: interview and... hire!

As soon as you activate the job, you will receive the first "package" of candidates and every week an email will be sent with 6 new matching profiles. You will be able to choose the most suitable profiles and request to meet them. If you think that the candidate's profile is compatible, you will be able to send the invite to the candidate to the job to start the selection process. The candidate's profile will be anonymous at all times and no important data will be shared.

The Discover Candidates will have three status:

  • Invited - When the company chooses X candidates and sends them the invited email, these profiles will become part of this section. In this way, all the profiles selected to meet will be clearly visible.
  • New matches - in which the profiles of candidates matching the job offer in question will appear. These profiles will change every week and will expire 7 days after they are shared with the company.
  • Rejected - In this section you will find the profiles of candidates who have rejected or have been rejected to continue with the selection process of the job offer.

Why should I use Discover

Surely this is a question you are asking yourself: Why post and share your jobs on our platform? What advantages can this bring you? Here are three reasons that we believe are convincing:

  • Signing up for Rviewer and posting your job offer is free. In return, you will automatically increase your candidate pipeline only with developers who have matched your offers. Minimum 6 per week per offer. 
  • You will be able to highlight your offers on our platform, social networks, Discord and newsletter. They will reach a community that has more than 30k developers and is constantly growing.
  • Meet, screen and manage your applicants with an outstanding candidate experience. Easy, intuitive and very convenient for you. You will have all your job offers centralized on a single platform with many advanced features, such as Discover.

Sounds good, doesn't it? We invite you to enter the free Beta we have available this month. Try Discover here and start boosting your hiring processes!

Rviewer Discover will help HR Teams & Tech Leads

Rviewer Discover is a tool that will optimize both your HR and tech departments, allowing you to quickly and effectively find the best developers for what you are looking for.

  • For Recruitment & HR Teams: Our tool that replaces costly outbound sourcing campaigns and saves time on initial screening. Not only they get a list of candidates instantly, but also the ones that best fit their job offer criteria. 
  • For Tech Leads: You'll find a pool of pre-vetted candidates with coding tests that match the tech stack requirements. 
  • For CEOs: An engaged team is a powerful, productive workforce and the best way to find the right members is to make the right hire from the beginning.

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